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all about Soraru! Soraru is a popular utaite known for his low, breathy voice, with a slight drawl. His voice is usually described as being sultry and ikemen-type by fans, and is easily recognizable, with a distinct huskiness to it. He often does collabs with ShounenT, Lon, Komeru and especially Mafumafu forming the collaboration units SoraT , Soralon , Lemoc Raros (which is Soraru and Komeru reversed and with alternate romanization), and After the Rain or initinally called Sorairo Muffler (Sky-coloured Muffler), respectively

He is also well-regarded as a sound editor, and often mixes and masters songs for VOCALOID producers as well as other utaite. He had also uploaded videos under the name lieL for a week in August 2011; all covers under this name have either been deleted or made private since then. He is very emotive and changes his singing style to most effectively match the song he is covering: ranging from a stronger, rougher and more husky approach for rock or higher paced songs to a more soft, gentle approach when covering ballads or slower songs. He is also capable of hitting extremely high notes with little difficulty; for example, his cover of "Last Night, Good Night".

Created by: Soraru

  1. Hi I am Soraru!
  2. Do you know who Mafumafu is?
  3. I like music do you?
  4. I like cats
  5. My throat hurts.
  6. Am I weird?
  7. I want udon
  8. Ok
  9. why do I need 10 questions
  10. <3 bye!
  11. yeah bye for real
  12. no just joking
  13. Ok Bye for real now!

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