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  • YEEET I got 86% Undyne! My favourite character!

    @LokiC at If you hate Undertale why are you even here? If you don't like it, don't click it. You literally accessed something you hate just to vent.

    Szokusia Mar 23 '19, 2:39PM
  • V Incase my comment is deleted again for some reason, look up "Undertale a CHARActer analysis" it's basically a theory about Chara not being evil, and that they're the narrator, etc. It makes a TON of sense, so read it. Chara is NOT evil.

    Popcorn50 May 22 '17, 6:10AM
  • @Lokicat

    Aww, had a bad day? Why are you even here if you don't like it? "It is not a great game" Your opinions are not facts. It won't affect anything. Just because you say it's s--- it doesn't make it s--- your opinions are NOT facts. I, and a ton of other people think the game is amazing, thus we just destroyed your so called "facts." Learn what opinions are. It will make your life easier. It's okay to hate the game. It's not okay to force your hatred down people's throats. Just because you think the game is bad it doesn't make it bad. As i said, your opinions are not facts. I like how all UT haters say the fanbase is terrible, while ironically they're worse than the fanbase. I met some dumb and rude people in the fanbase, like people claiming Chara is evil or saying they're a girl like it's a fact, and raging at me when i try to correct it, but those are somewhat rare. I met a lot of nice, and smart people in the fandom, so i have no idea what any of you are talking about. Maybe if you were not so negative, and looked more at the positive part, you'd see it too.

    Popcorn50 May 22 '17, 6:04AM
  • V I typed it wrong, there's actually more spaces. Just fix them and go to the link. It's easy.

    Popcorn50 May 22 '17, 5:56AM
  • Chara 86 %
    Flowey 40 %
    Frisk 28 %
    How did i get Frisk ?

    JasonV Mar 5 '17, 11:02AM
  • Chara 86 %
    Flowey 40 %
    Frisk 28 %
    How did i get Frisk maybe Frisk is simply with potential of everything true neutral archetype ( I think ) but as i am concerned i am crppled into evil .

    JasonV Mar 5 '17, 10:53AM

    real Sans May 20 '16, 9:42PM
  • i always go to sans each and everytime I answer every quizzes...Its not that I really meant that but actually I'm more like sans... I love science,im a slacker, I'm short for my age... But I'm a girl.... I also like to make puns

    RockItScience May 16 '16, 12:00PM
  • I got mettaton! OMG that's my favorite character! :)

    Ultralogic Apr 11 '16, 8:55PM
  • Umm imma Undyne. Makes sences cuz i hit my friends butt every single time. I have No idea why im friends with her.:P

    iiJune Apr 4 '16, 2:20AM
  • Yaaas Papyrus

    LokiCat Mar 29 '16, 7:20PM

  • Your Result: Undyne

    You're a tough guy! i like that! and to think like me, you're pretty cool! now, Frisk told me no one could match my power, but by the way you act, i wanna fight you!

    Undyne is a GIRL

    Snuffs Mar 23 '16, 7:23PM
  • Undertale is s---. it is NOT a "great game" like you said and i wish it never existed. The voices and characters and annoying. i hate the fanbase too. So get this s--- away from me.

    LokiCat Mar 1 '16, 4:46AM

  • If you don't understand this I'll say it in English not wing dings...

    It says "Good quiz. Did you know if you awnser nothing you get papyrus?

    Gaster Feb 9 '16, 10:14AM
  • I got frisk. Sans and gaster are my farorot chaerictors. Frisk is cool though...

    TheScarecrow Feb 4 '16, 4:13PM
  • I got frisk. Sans and gaster are my farorot chaerictors. Frisk is cool though...

    TheScarecrow Feb 4 '16, 4:10PM
  • i made this quiz, i hope you guys LUV IT!

    PunkGoomba Feb 4 '16, 7:53AM

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