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  • I found this quiz with such GREAT timing. My (13 yr) brother pantsed me (16) a week ago in front of my friends and gave me a wedgie. This encouraged one of my friends to finish the job and he ended up ripping my favorite pair of boxerbriefs. My parents left for a last minute trip which left me alone with him. I called him over to my room for 'something', he obviously knew something was up. We started wrestling when I got ahold of his tighty whities. I pulled them up to his neck and the leg holes were showing. I then started pulling even harder on that and lifted him up by his underwear onto my coat hooks. (He pretty light) his tighty whities aren't ripping and I plan to leave him there till they RIP.

  • I think this quiz or the answers might be broken :(

    I am 15 and my little bro is 12 and he walks around in his boxers briefs all day and is ALWAYS annoying to me. Per the quiz it said I should give him a normal wedgie and I tried cause thought itd be funny BUT he was like oh no you cant get me and called me a nerd and I couldnt get him no matter how hard I tried.

    Since I tried and failed he has sneaked and gotten ME 2 times!! He has gotten MORE annoying and has started teasing me more and even making fun of my underpants, saying I look like spongebob getting wedgie in tighty whites, hes so freakin annoying. This is like the exact opposite of what the quiz was supposed to do and I am getting wedgies so I dunno....Just giving my feed back.

  • Omg im so glad i done this. Here's the story

    So my brother is 7 and im 12. My brother is also so annoying to me all the time. One time when i was with my friends walking home he shouted to us he has white briefs on. My friends laughed at me and pulled my pants down and give me loads of different wedgies. I've wanted to get him backever since.AND I HAVE. So me and him were in the front and i already knew he had his ben 10 briefs on(because i hat to dress him) so when his friends went by i pulled his pants alway down and give him a normal wedgie then a hanging one. His friends Couldn't stop laughing at him and saying LOSER LOSER(it was amazing)

  • Im beyond humiliated. Omg. Im NEVER wedging my little bro EVER again. I hate being short..hes like half a foot taller than me but hes annoying and i knew he had a super embarrassing pair of undies on yesterday so i tried to walk up behind him to wedgie him in front of this popular group of kids at my school thinking id look cool. WRONG. I think he somehoe knew i was behind him because he turned and i tried to play it off but he went behind me and pushed me to the ground and sat on top of me giving me the WORST wedgie. He ended up giving mr an atomic with my pink frilly undies on front of the popular kids and when i tried getting up the underwear pulled on my ass so hard hurting so bad i tripped and my pants started falling back down with me. My wedgied ass was exposed to everyone as i laid there too humiliated to move. He told me if i tried ut again im getting embarrassed in front of out whole family

  • He did not appreciate his hanging wedgie. AT ALL. We were outside together and I knew he had his most embarrassing underwear on; his Thomas the tank engine pull up. When I saw his cool friend walk past from his school, I pantsed him, chuckled, and when he went to pull his pants back up, I was straight to give him a wedgie and put him on a tree. Sure enough his pull ups ripped just after a took his shirt off and fully took his pants off. His friend sits there laughing and Im there bouncing him up and down. Hes a massive dick head who reveals my righty whities to my friends all the time so he deserved it. His pull ups ripped off and he was left naked in the middle of the park. I got him over my knee and spanked him and made him promise to never pants me again. I gave him back him pants and we walked home. He deserved it.

  • This is such a great quiz! Here's my story: I'm 14 and my brother is 6 he annoys me so much so much I'd did this quiz (my brother got hanging wedgie) the next time was alone with him I grabbed at his tight whities and hung him in the front yard with nothing but his tighty whities. It served him right. I left him their till his tighty whities ripped.

  • I am such a good sister >:) i did all the wedgies I knew and he begged me to stop he would do anything so I give him wedgies when ever I want and were ever I want it's his fault for being so annoying


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