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  • Hahah u just wish u were me... Jealous much!!!

    Destinyrcampbell Apr 3 '14, 3:40PM
  • Haha say what u would like your just jelouse

    Destinyrcampbell Apr 3 '14, 3:39PM
  • Ha..say watevr u lik to...but i'm a real vampire(prince of the dark)..do u want to be lik me..?

    Kaiser Apr 23 '13, 2:33AM
  • Full fledged!bow down to your new queen!jkjk!anyone else here like the taste of blood?

    vampiresmymuse Apr 30 '12, 12:08AM
  • Full-fledged.... interesting...

    CorrineAri May 10 '10, 9:35AM
  • Cirque Du Freak rules!

    I got vampire btw.

    musicluver1991 Apr 14 '08, 11:23PM
  • this is stupid, most of questions arnt about you, the person writing the test, also the ones about you are stupid i hate you >(

    c man Apr 14 '08, 10:47PM
  • i'm vampaneze :p Vampires aren't real!

    misskiss Apr 14 '08, 9:45PM
  • my quiz rox my socks

    pickle Apr 14 '08, 9:00PM

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