What Type of Tropical fish are You?

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Hoi. Fourth quiz. Don't. Wanna. Write. This. Paragraph. the results that you can get are: Angelfish, Pufferfish, Lion fish and [insert result title here].Don't ask.

Dang. I just spilt tomato sauce on my shorts. : ( I just made this for fun. Sorry if the results are inaccurate. I hope you enjoy : ) bye.fnjggheriuhgeriughsjkhx vbb

Created by: Silverflame

  1. Are/Do you...?
  2. fav colour out of these
  3. select a fish feature
  4. you are a fish. Were do you live?
  5. U R still a fish. What type of fins do you have?
  6. You are at officeworks. You see a hand mannequin(one of those ones were it's made of wood and you can move it around.) No-one is looking. you..
  7. You see a tree. You....
  8. You're at school, it's break time what will you do?
  9. You are bored. (like me :0) What will you do?
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: What Type of Tropical fish am I?