What Hogwarts House are you in? (percentages)

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Hi! This is a random Hogwarts House quiz that has lots of questions. Some questions may be from Wizarding World but most of the questions are my own, hope you enjoy!

I don't really know what to put in this other paragraph im supposed to write so i'm gonna write a corny joke. Q: What day do fish hate most?A: Fridayhaha, get it?

Created by: Angel Valentines
  1. First of all which house do you want to be sorted into (don't worry it won't bias the result)
  2. which house do you think you will be in
  3. Water, fire, earth, air.
  4. If you could take one big risk right now and have the power to undo it what what you do.
  5. people you admire tend to be..
  6. How loyal are you
  7. How wise are you
  8. How adventurous are you
  9. How ambitious are you
  10. A classmate cheats on a test making them top of the class and you second. Your teacher pulls you over asking if said classmate cheated. what do you do?
  11. Moon or sun?
  12. Sunrise or Sunset?
  13. True or False?
  14. Left or Right?
  15. Up or Down
  16. Yes or No
  17. Heart or Head
  18. Love or Career
  19. Light or Shadow
  20. Cold or warm
  21. Dream or Reality
  22. Why or Who
  23. Day or Night
  24. Black or White
  25. Dry or Wet
  26. would you rather be
  27. Would you rather be
  28. would you rather be
  29. would you rather be
  30. Would you rather be
  31. Ebony, Gold, Bronze, or Silver
  32. Which hybrid house
  33. Which type of people do you hate most
  34. What trait do you value..
  35. Are you extraverted or introverted
  36. You have a decision to make. How do you make this decision.
  37. You walk into a room to find a jerk bullying your friend. they both leave through separate doors, who do you follow first?
  38. Do you follow rules
  39. In the hunger games who do you most relate to.
  40. do you like being a leader
  41. People would describe yourself as
  42. What Hogwarts House do you not want to be in
  43. What Hogwarts house do you not think you will be in
  44. Who do you put first
  45. How many "second chances" will you give somebody

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Quiz topic: What Hogwarts House am I in? (percentages)