What type of Supernatural are you? By Maya Shohamy

Here are the possible results: Vampire, Pheonix, Witch, Werecat, Werewolf, Dragon. Remember to be kind. If any of these power appear let me know. Remember the last question counts toward results.

How is your life? I hope you all get what you want. If not, maybe its for the best. It is possible to be a hybrid just to let you know. IF u get two or more of the same percentage then your a hybrid of those. Peace out!

Created by: Maya Shohamy

  1. What is your favorite time of day or night?
  2. Time to rp!
  3. You think you are human. Your best friend has never let you come over before. Now she invites you over. What do you say?
  4. Your best friend tells you shes a werewolf. She introduces you to her brother. He lunges at you and claims you as his mate. This makes you think about how you never knew your father while your in a comma for the next week. When you wake up, what do you do?
  5. When you go home, you meet your father. You find out he and your mom are werewolves making you one too. How do you react?
  6. Your dad takes you to meet your older brother that you never knew you had. How do you react?
  7. When you meet your brother what do you do?
  8. Now we will have separate RPs.
  9. What do you want your postion in a pack to be?
  10. Your child just killed your mate. How do you react?
  11. Your family was just killed right in front of your eyes. When the killers left, how do you react?
  12. You set your school on fire. How do u react?
  13. What do you wanna be?

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Quiz topic: What type of Supernatural am I? By Maya Shohamy