What type of Sprinke are you?

Do you like sprinkles so much that you think you may have turned into one yourself?? Take our quick quiz to find out what type of Sprinkle you are, chocolate and rainbow flavors need not apply.

Do you love ice cream? Do you confuse yourself with chocolate when you really are cherry? Are you a sprinkle connoisseur? IT TAKES JUST A FEW MINUTES!!!

Created by: Kristen
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  1. Do you like whip Creme?
  2. Do you enjoy ridding Horses?
  3. what is your Favorite Ice Cream?
  4. What is your favorite nut?
  5. Do you Like Hot fudge?
  6. What time do you go to bed?
  7. What Jell-O Flavor is your favorite?
  8. Do you think sprinkles are overrated?
  9. Should there be a Restaurant where they serve only sprinkles?
  10. Do you think sprinkles are being monopolized by rainbow and chocolate flavors?
  11. Are you a sprinkle hater?

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Quiz topic: What type of Sprinke am I?