what type of sports car shoudl you drive

What type of sports car fits you best? Is it a flashy Italian supercar for occasional drives? Perhaps you want a sports car for every day? Maby you want to go drag-racing with your sports car. Is track time in your future for you sports car?

This quiz can help you decide what type of sports cars to look at. It might not tell you exactly what the best car is for you, btu it can help you get an idea of what type of car you might enjoy. You might be suprised by the results.

Created by: Mike

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  1. How willing are you to sacrifice driver comfort for performance?
  2. How do you plan to use yoru sports car?
  3. What are your plans for modification?
  4. How able are you to work on your own car?
  5. Differant typed of sports cars are best suited to differant types of driving styles. How do you do your performance driving?
  6. The type of car you drive has an effect on other people's perception of you. How do you want people to view you based on your car?
  7. When choosing to drive certan types of cars you may be subject to stereo-types. What stereo-type do you NOT want to be called?
  8. Cost of ownership is a real thing. Each type of car has different needs for maintinance and for aftermarket parts. How would you rate your ability to pay for the cost of ownership?
  9. Does it matter where you car was built?
  10. This question isnt asking how much money you have, just how much you would be willing to spend to buy a sports car. True sports cars can be found in any price range.

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