Do U Drive Guys Crazy?`

There are people who drive guys crazy, and people who want to. Do you drive guys crazy, or do you need a little work? By definition, to drive guys crazy, you need to be HOTT!!!!!

So, do you drive guys crazy, or do you want to, but need work? There is a big difference. You may think you drive guys crazy, but what if you don't? Take the quiz and you will find out!

Created by: Geronimo
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  1. What do you wear everyday?
  2. Do you wear make-up?
  3. How do you flirt?
  4. Do you have a big chest?
  5. Do you shower every morning/night?
  6. Are you good with conversation?
  7. Are you the life of a party?
  8. At a dance, are you the first one on the dance floor, or do you sit-out until a big group of people are dancing?
  9. Is your butt a good size?
  10. Are you a slut? BE HONEST!
  11. Are you popular? Like the queen-bee of everything?
  12. Have you ever really wanted to or had sex?
  13. Do you have a really big ego?
  14. Do you like to play sports or do PE?
  15. What is your favorite sport?
  16. What type of restaurant is your fave?
  17. Would you cheat?
  18. WHat would be your fave date?
  19. How much time would you have for him?
  20. Do you eat fast-food?
  21. Would you kiss him on your first date?
  22. Do you love to hate and hate to love people?
  23. If you went out with a guy, would you love him with all of your heart?

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