What type of book are you most like?

Everyone enjoys a good book every once in a while...But have you ever wondered what type of book you are most like? Are you best labeled fiction? or Magizine? Haven't you ever wanted to know?

What type of book are you? Guess no more! Fiction, Magizine? Anything! Take this short but fun quiz and find out what type of book your personality fits into best!When your done, get the answers you have been waiting for! A few short questions is all we need to know exactly what type of book YOU are!

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You and your friends are bored. They turn to you for advice on what to do next...what do you suggest?
BORED?never! If i'm there, then there is always something to do! Of course, if we were bored, i would have millions of suggestions
Something adventurous, like sky diving, surfing, mountain climbing, camping, horseback riding, or something equally cool
Bored?What is this foriegn word you call "bored"? I always have something to do between school, work, volunteering, sports, and family time...I have no time at all!
Um, whats wrong with some downtime? A chance to think, or write, watch a movie, or just relax? Sounds nice to me!
Why don't we go to newyork, and see that science exibit that they showed in the New york times yesterday? Or that cool documentary on the inventor of the printing press?
Shopping! A reason to go shopping! There is always something fun to do, or we could go see Mel, i hear she and Dan broke up twenty minutes ago? OR um, Make overs! Those are all good ideas!
Oh no! You suddenly morphed into a magical animal, how will you spend your day?
What sort of animal?What powers? Do you want an itemized list or an essay? Where does this animal live? When does transformation occur? How long does it last? What is the point of this question? Why should i even bother answering this? I have much more re
A unicorn, nothing is more romantic. I would gallop around a field all day, letting the world admire my beauty and grace. I would love it!
A fly, though it would be terrible to be swatted at, i could see and hear so mucgh! I'd be in the know before anyone else! In the middle of the action! Oh the things i could do if i were a fly on the wall!
Oh, i would be half snake, half bird, part horse, part dog...i would look odd and be able to do anything, fly, slither, walk, crawl, and I could go on adventures, using my powers to convince people to follow me, and join me on a wild quest for gold! I wou
I would be a talking cat. I could go around, telling kids that i was under a curse from an evil witch for being mean to others for no reason at all, and i would convince them never to be mean to others for fun. I could teach them a valuable lesson through
You just won 2 million dollars but cheated to get it, and you could not spend it on yourself, what would you do?
I would give it back, explain why i cheated, and how, so they can prevent it next time, and in return i would recieve a ten thousand dollar consolation prize. Then i would write something up to document the occasion in my journal.
I could never, ever cheat, it is immoral, unkind, and under absolutly no circumstance is it right! I would use this to set an example for my younger siblings!
I would give half away to a local charity, and spend the rest on a party for me and my friends in the islands, or some exotic location!
I would tell everyone, spread a rumor about my findings, and totally make everyone jealous, and give all my friends and me a trip to the mall of america!
I would send my parents on a romantic cruise for their 25th wedding anniversary, or set up a reactment of thier first date, complete with a private showing at the movie thearter of the ultimate romantic movie, the notebook!Aww! How sweet!
Um, I would save most for college, and spend the rest on myself
You were just informed that a project will be do in one month. It has to be a detailed timeline of some sort. How will you go about your task?
Make one about something that intrests me, like the history of my favorite movie star, or college, or newspaper
I will be daydreaming in class, forget all about it, until two days before, and frantically throw something together on a computer or do something easy, and scrape a "B"
What better subject than myself? I'll include pictures, a family tree, a few quotes from my friends about me, and add lots of color and glitter! What a great chance to teach people more about me!
What sort of timeline? Do i need to decide right now?Maybe a timeline of the history of the rose or some other flowers or maybe one on a fun holiday?
I'll do mine on my grandfather who is distantly related to a knight in eygypt! Possibly one that fought in the revolutionary war! He even won a nobel prize for it! What about that? OR the history of mankind! From Ape to Man in ten pages or less! Think cav
I'll do one on my teacher, and add lots of compliments! That will get me an A+ for sure!
Describe a perfect best friend
Someone cool like me, who likes to do fun things, and talk, and who is a great partner in crime!Someone with great jokes and who is nice to everyone!
Someone loyal, who knows when i'm not at my best, who always offers to lend a hand, who never talks bad about others, and who is kind and smart, and likes to be optomistic someone not self centered
Someone who doesn't play games. Someone who is outgoing, and doesn't tiptoe around other peoples feelings, someone who doesn't backstab or act fake
Someone who is generous, who is loyal, dedicated, and interesting, someone who is strong where i am weak, and weak where i am strong, someone who works as a team, not as a leader. Someone who won't drift. A friend is a friend for life, or is not a friend
Someone who can keep a secret, and isn't embarrassing or rude, someone who stands up for what they believe in but can be part of a group too.
my best friend now is as perfect as any friend can be!
Finally, after two weeks of nonstop work, and school, activities, and family events, you have a day all to yourself, what does your schedule sound like?
Sleep until noon, hang out with friends, eat, play video games, sleep, hang out with friends, go on a date, sleep, eat agian...
Wax eyebrows, get hair proffessionally cut, colored, and highlighted, go shopping, hang out with friends, mani-pedi, drive around listening to music, get facial, perfect my perfectness
That new cooking class I signed up for! Then maybe a trip to see my grandma, we haven't spent any time together lately! Then something for me, like reading a new book
A swim or long walk, a horse back riding lesson, some light pampering, and a date
I don't know, my likes and dislikes, change daily
You come home to your appartment after a long day and are greeted by the horrible stench of rotten chineese food, and see a counter full of week old leftovers, and know that since you didn't eat them, it must have been your roomate. How do you deal with t
Charlie is such a slob! He is always always doing things like this!I will go yell at him right now! When we are done having a horrible fight I will storm out, spend the night at a friends house, and start looking for new roommates imediately! Charlie is s
It's ok, Katie is a little sloppy, but since i am a neatfreak who finds the idea of cleaning thrilling, it's no big deal. I will bring it up calmly, but first, i will take all my anger out on "Mr. Clean"!Anger is not a productive emotion...so many people
So, what else is new? I've got bigger problems, my editor wants an article e-mailed to him in an hour about the campus food, and i've got to study for a test, find a cure for the common cold, and i have to....
Clean first, then place lit candles everywhere! I will make the whole appartment smell like sugar cookies and vanilla...The perfect atmophere to study, relax, and have a nice long discussion on the merits of cleaning up our own messes.
Show him a horror film on the things germs can do to a person, and how a little mess can turn into an attempt at sucide, simply because germs reproduce, agian and agian, until, when you least expect it, they sufficate you, and crawl into your brain, and e
Pick the famous quote that you like the best...
"It is only the ignorant who dispise education"
"Just because you are blind, and unable to see my beauty, does not mean it does not exist"
"Nothing takes the taste out of peanutbutter, quite like unrequited love"
"Life is as tedious as a twice told tale, Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man"
"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength"
"Last night I dreamed I ate a ten pound marshmellow, and when I woke up the pillow was gone"
Pick a word based on it definition
Computer- The thing I am addicted to
Flowers- The things that grow in my garden every spring, and add color to my yard.
Kindergarten- A time when life was simple, and a special time was set aside to sleep in the middle of the day
Books- my escape from reality, my oasis, the things that keep me peaceful
Cell phone- the silky thread of the spider web that connects me with all the people i love, or care about
Your best friend's boyfriend has been cheating on her, with your worst enemy, and you only know because you found some notes that fell out of her enemy's purse and read them, so now what?
Print them in the school newspaper anonomously, Both will be humilated, and it will stop nasty rumors from spreading, and it will get her the sympathy vote, since once word gets out, her boyfriend will undoubtably blame it on her!
Bring over a care package filled with tons of things including but not limited to tissues, bubble bath, candles, a stuffed bear that says nice things when she pushes a button on its paw, a dart board with his picture on it, a self help book, a cd of songs
Privately confront her boyfriend, and threaten his life, make him promise to end both relationships, or else
Convince her that she is too good for him, then if she won't end it, bring up the letters.

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