What type of soul do you have

What is a soul? The soul is part of your spiritual being. Older ones tend to have more life experience,and are more serious. Newer souls have an idea of real life,but haven't really seen the worst or the best. New souls have almost no life experience. They tend to be more carefree.

Which do YOU think you are. Well, take this quiz to get an idea of it.

Created by: Abby
  1. You have just heard of a terrorist attack in the US, your reaction...
  2. Your friend calls you over and says it's a boy/girl emergency, but you are currently at your sisters ceremony, what do you do
  3. What do people say you are
  4. What would you do: some guys are suddenly attacking the school
  5. Pick an emotocon
  6. What would be your superpower of choice
  7. If you had the choice, who would you save
  8. (Continued, are allowed to choose two)
  9. Reaction when your friend tells you she likes someone who doesn't like her
  10. Do you have an idea of which type of soul you wanna be

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Quiz topic: What type of soul do I have