What type of silly animal are you?

Have you wondered what sort of silly animal your are? There is a zoo of silly animals and it is quiet natural to want to know which one you are. These are being studied in great detail and we are learning more every day.

So take this test, which is quiet accurate in all respects, and find what you really are. One you know this you will no longer dream of endless cold oceans and endless chasing down corridors for no one there because the answer to the question raised by those dreams will be revealed here.

Created by: Gogo
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  1. You get up in the morning
  2. 1 2 3
  3. Doh Ray Me
  4. Goody goody gum gum
  5. Hobble hobble
  6. If you wanted to
  7. Liza and Bart
  8. You roll the dice
  9. When you fly
  10. For a job

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Quiz topic: What type of silly animal am I?