what type of schooling is for you

School is something that everyone goes throught sometime or later. some wish it could be diffrent, some are happy just as they are right now, lets just see what you want

I been in private public home and unschooling. I know more about private and public than home and unschooling only because im starting home/un school now, i dont care if i graudated from school i can do what i want!

Created by: riddlers jokes

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like school now?
  2. fave subject in school
  3. do you like you teachers?
  4. what lunch room would you like to eat in?
  5. ever fallen asleep durring class?
  6. what grade are you in now
  7. how many people are in your class now? (if your still in school)
  8. what do you wear to school?
  9. who is the school nurse?
  10. how many hours do you do in school? (ex 8am to 3pm ((just like me)) provideing classes starts at 8am
  11. what grades do you normaly get
  12. how do you spend time after school?
  13. do you get buillied in school?
  14. are you well behaved in school
  15. how do other kids in class act
  16. alright then! now its 11am on a monday morning what are you doing?
  17. how do you learn another languige (if you are doing so in school)
  18. whats summer vacation like?
  19. what schooling would you like to have? (no effect)

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