Homeschooler, Public schooler, or Unschooler?

Homeschooling. Public schooling. Unschooling. Each of these are different ways to glean an education in today's world. For all of them there are pros, and for all of them are cons. Unlike the title suggests, this is NOT a mind-reading quiz to tell how you are educated, or have been educated.

Instead, this is a quiz to tell, from my personal observations on the nature of Homeschoolers, Public Schoolers, and Unschoolers, which type you most fit in with. I apologize if you don't like your result... But Hey, it's just a quiz. :) It's for having fun.

Created by: Alegna of My Game My Rules
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  1. Do you enjoy learning?
  2. Where would you rather hang out?
  3. Are you planning to graduate/Have you graduated high school with an associates degree from college?
  4. What trait is more important to you?
  5. What does "snow day" mean for you?
  6. Personally, are grades important to you?
  7. Figuratively, where would I be more likely to find you on a Saturday night?
  8. Are you stereotyped in a particularly negative fashion?
  9. I ran out of questions. Please forgive me for this and the next question. They have no effect on your score... Don't hate me. :)
  10. Again... just choose an answer and move on. :) I apologize, also, if you find the results to be incorrect. Please don't hate if you can't imitate. :)

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