what type of school should you go to?

there are many schools, but few may work for you. schools are, afterall they basis of knowlege and career. with this you will find it through a series of questions hope you find it!

are YOU wondering what school to go to or what kind, take this quiz to see what we think is right for you, this is not ment to be mean or judgy about religion in anyway, hope you take our advice and have fun!

Created by: mattie

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  1. what religion are you?
  2. how 'wealthy' are you?
  3. how mature are you
  4. if you see a wallet on the street what would you do?
  5. if you see a homeless person and you have a spare 20 what would you do?
  6. you see to gays getting married, you
  7. do you eat meat on friday
  8. how often do you go to church
  9. do you think bullying is wrong
  10. do you think abortion is ok?

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Quiz topic: What type of school should I go to?