What type of Reality Warper are you?

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The warpers have close to infinite power, and are almost godlike in power and status. While most have gone insane in immortality and died drunk in power, a select few are still alive. They drift around space, bending time, space, or even existence itself at their will for their own entertainment.

Which of these powerful beings is most like you? Is your power limitless? Would you lose your mind in the process? Now, with this quiz, you'll know for sure.

Created by: CuriousKitsune
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  1. Which is most important?
  2. How do you think you'd deal with it if you were immortal?
  3. After drifting around aimlessly in space for who knows how long, you come across a new planet with seemingly intelligent living beings. What do you do?
  4. Humans...
  5. How do you laugh?
  6. Is it always better to have no power, no matter the cost, as long as you stay alive?
  7. How would you describe yourself? Remember, answer as you would if you were a warper, not a human.
  8. While on a planet, you come across a child of the planet's self aware, intelligent species. What do you do?
  9. How powerful are you?
  10. You're a warper, but can you die?
  11. Lose your mind with power? Or have less power and keep your mind?
  12. Where do you live?
  13. Last question, thanks for coming this far. How stable is your power?

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Quiz topic: What type of Reality Warper am I?