What Magic Do You Possess?

This test is to see what type of person you are and to tell you what type of power you possess. This isn't about if you already have this power, its about letting you know you have the potential to unlock this ability because you have the power inside you.

So if You want to know what power you have inside of you take this quiz. you have to work on your own to unlock the ability but at least you know you have that ability.

Created by: Cian

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  1. Favorite animal out of these options?
  2. Favorite color?
  3. are you scared easily?
  4. do you get embarrassed a lot and/or easily?
  5. sorry this was a really short quiz, do you forgive me? (doesn't effect final answer)
  6. My first Quiz, did I do okay? If I did okay then I will make more. (this doesn't effect final answer)
  7. this quiz is almost over, are you bored?
  8. Just saying there are only three answers you can get on the final answer. The question above doesn't effect the final answer. neither does this one.
  9. do you like watching Animal Planet?
  10. were you lying or telling the truth during this quiz? (no effect on final answer)

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Quiz topic: What Magic do I Possess?