WHat type of plant to me are u?

there are many types of plants in this world but what of my faverit types are u? are u a blooming flower? a awesome tree? Some winter leaves? mabey some autumn leaves?

what type of plant are YOU? take this easy quiz and see for your self! in a few easy minutes u can find out if u are a type of tree or a type of flower or some leaves

Created by: Megan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is youre faverit season?
  2. wat is youre fave color?
  3. ok whats ur fave plant?
  4. what type of music do u like?
  5. Do u hav a crush?
  6. are u smart
  7. do u like chocolate?
  8. almost done! ok so you know the season Q?well wat do u love about it
  9. did u like this quiz? (no effect)
  10. so u like pizza? (no effect)

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