What Type of Person are You?

Are you trying to find yourself? Some of who and what you are? It's hard isn't it? Take my quiz and you will find the inner you and think about situations you may be in and what you would do?

Come take my quiz so you can know you and I can know you and please tell me whether you like it or not? do you like me lol? come and take it pease im on my knees!

Created by: Ugly People
  1. A stranger drops their books what do you do?
  2. Both of your friends are arguing what do you do?
  3. A Guy/Girl asks you out and you don't really want to go out with them, what do you do?
  4. A poor looking lady asks you for three dollars what do you do?
  5. The doorbell ring and you open the door and see a baby in a basket sitting on your porch, what do you do?
  6. Two people call you ugly, how do you feel?
  7. Someone throws a piece of brocolli at you, how long do you worry about it?
  8. do you go out a lot?
  9. which of these would you want the most?
  10. You get a love note from a secret admirer, what's your first reaction

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Quiz topic: What Type of Person am I?