What Type Of Music Do You Like?

There are too many of you who say you're punk and hate pop, but are pop. People who like Green Day and metal like alt metal etc.

What music do you like? It's not 100% like all quizzes, but it is good. I hope it opens your eyes, and the comment on rap music is 100% true. You should try to get rap cus it's funny haha.

Created by: poop

  1. What bands do you like?
  2. What do you wear?
  3. What hair do you have?
  4. Do you like fall out boy?
  5. Are green day sellouts?
  6. Do you wear pink?
  7. Is Blink-182 a punk band?
  8. What is a better Blink song?
  9. Is pop a good music?
  10. It this a good quiz.

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Music do I Like?