what type of middle school "group" are you in

there are many types of humans what are they here are some types of people or groups in middle school i hope you enjoy -teamavater p.s im sorry if i am stereotyping

a quick example of a question: whats your fav color 1. blue 2. green 3.black 4.none of these i hope you enjoy this quiz it was fun to make - teamavater

Created by: teamavater2020

  1. what would you rather do at night
  2. its a sunny day and schools out what do you do
  3. what do when you wake up in the morning
  4. what would you wear to school
  5. what to do when someone calls you a mean name
  6. how many times have you gotten in detention
  7. what type of home do you live or want to live in
  8. what type of pet do you want
  9. dark or light
  10. what type of pet do you want
  11. did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: What type of middle school "group" am I in