Which house should you live in?

Hiiiii!!! Okay so during school I was bored so i decided to make this quiz. THis quiz is on different types of houses and which type you should live in. complete the questions truthfully.

I did not include mansions and things for the wealthy because I did not want to get any hopes up for you to live on a yacht island mansion. The houses you can get are regular two-story houses, regular one-story houses, tiny houses, and camper vans.

Created by: mousey177

  1. hi! Welcome! For your first question, are you smart, creative, adventurous, or none of the above?
  2. Alright. Which style do you prefer? If you don't see your style in this question, don't answer and skip this one.
  3. Which style do you prefer continued. If you answered in the last one, don't answer this one.
  4. HOw much square feet do you think your house should have? (these are general)
  5. How much people do you live with? (dogs count as 1 person, 2 guinea pigs count as 1 person, hamsters, fish, lizards, things in small tanks don't count, babies do, birds, rats, pets that take up space count)
  6. are you the hands or the brain?
  7. are you claustrophobic?
  8. California, New York, or Somewhere Over da Rainbow
  9. Profession
  10. This is the last question because I am tired

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Quiz topic: Which house should I live in?