What type of horse breed are you?

Take this quiz to find what horse u truely are like a Andalusian,Mariwari,Clysdale,or an Arabain.if you are interrested in these horse breeds then you should take this quiz! this quiz is a must take for every one!

which breed are you a Andalusian,Mariwari,Clysdale, or an Arabian? you will find out in this must take quiz!(Horse is not resonable in changes in horselover population inclueding younger geration)

Created by: horse

  1. Which type of land would u live in?
  2. if u had a chance to go to a horse show what would u do?
  3. Your in the arena jumping and fall out of the saddale what would u do?
  4. Christmas is around the corner what wud u get your horse?
  5. name one thing that pops up in ur head!
  6. fav drink?
  7. Do you like having friends?
  8. Do you ride?
  9. How long do u ride?
  10. how was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What type of horse breed am I?