What type of guy should YOU date? (girls only)

well, my first quiz on here was "What color is your soul?" and my second was an epic fail XP and i like created those back in 2010 and now i'm back in 2011! i shall make more quizzes with the username, "sylvia404" kk! thanks!

you know you want him...whoever he is, that cute guy? that ghetto guy? that emo guy? that popular cute guy? that nerd? take this AWSOME quiz and find out!

Created by: sylvia is back!

  1. ALRIGHT! let's get this started! When i say the word "emo" what pops up in ur head?
  2. is there any nerds in your school?
  3. do you like to kiss? what kind of kiss???
  4. do you where a lot of make up?
  5. how u doooin?
  6. !ZOMGZ! the cutest guy in school just asked you out!!! what is ur dream date?
  7. are there any popular guys at ur school? wellz probably...but are they all just nerds and cuties?
  8. i'm gonna go get some ice cream to restore my mind of questions i can ask. hold up until the next question.
  9. T_T
  10. gonna get water. hold up.
  11. ok! you are....

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Quiz topic: What type of guy should I date? (girls only)