Who's Your Guy?

Some people are ment for each other some aren't,if you are wondering what type of guy you have click here.I COMMAND THEE TO CLICK HERE!!

This quiz is about finding out what type of guy you have Girls only

Created by: Sydney

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Friday night he says you guys should.......
  2. He comes up to you while your at your locker and says....
  3. you ask him to tell you one of his secrets
  4. He smiles when?
  5. his favorite thing about you is?
  6. Are you happy with him?
  7. do you see a future. P.S. if you answered No last question you all ready know what to do.. break up
  8. do you have ANYTHING IN COMMON
  9. Do you like him. yes it seems goofy to ask that but you have to ask yourself do i like him
  10. Just to let you know no matter what i say you might be perfect even if the scores aren't

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Quiz topic: Who's my Guy?