How To Know You Like This Boy

Hey! Click here if you are confused about a boy that you may or may not like. This will bring you to your true self. Take this test, get this guy! Thumbs up!

I wanted to make this quiz to help other people know what they have been doing or acting like I front of a boy, take this test and I guarantee you will do well. Click here

Created by: CassMaster

  1. Do you think you want to know if you like this guy or not?
  2. Do you ever try to get his attention when you are hanging out with your girls?
  3. Do you try to be cool around him and try to pretend he is not there so he notices you?
  4. Have you tried being more available?
  5. Do you hang around him a lot like he is your BFF?
  6. Do ever ask him to come over for hanging out with some buddies?
  7. Do you get annoyed when he chews gum?
  8. Do your palms get sweaty when he walks to you?
  9. Do you try to get alone time with him?
  10. Do you think you like this guy?

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