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  • got 88 percent the funny one,,,, soooo fudgen true freakishly cool

    gleeknmusic Oct 15 '15, 5:58PM
  • the cool bad boy sweet

    teeeeeee1 Jul 6 '15, 3:33PM
  • a shy and romantic guy is best for me..85%

    suprabha Jul 3 '15, 11:51PM
  • What type of guy is best for you?
    Your Result: The Shy Romantic

    Your type is sweet, kind, caring and has a good sense of humour. He knows how to treat other people and carries his manners well. However, he is quiet and needs some "me" time, so make sure you aren't too clingy!

    42%The Mysterious

    23%The Funny One

    0%The Cool Bad Boy

    This was really cool

    Becuase that's the kind of guy I would go with

    It was really Intresting this definitely deserves the top 40 ( and will make it becuase my quiz your true name made the top forty and that quiz sucked XD )

    ( and this is a quality one so it should work )

    Fengri silver Jul 3 '15, 6:30AM
  • The funny one! Ya'll don't know how true that is! Joke of the Whole quiz, "what animal eats with its tail?" ( Hint, hint: i wont tell ya unless ya ask, no BEG!!!! xD xD. ;)

    1 Twilight Fan Jul 2 '15, 5:40PM
  • Great quiz sorry I had to write that other comment, I don't want to die

    MadameBlueberry Jul 1 '15, 10:57AM

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