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  • How could you? I have the same name as you, and you said I'll marry a loser!!!

    Zoefaustino Mar 18 '16, 7:00AM
  • Emos don't always cry for no reason d***!
    @Emoz_Rule I agree I'm a emo hick chick and I'm not always hunting and fishing whoever made this quiz needs to quit listening to the steriotypes!

    vampiresmymuse Apr 30 '12, 10:14AM
  • emo cool im gunna marry my type woopty-doo its too sterio typical needs more truth like honasly not all rednecks fish and hunt and stuff idiots

    Emoz_Rule Sep 21 '11, 12:43AM
  • emo....cool!!!

    and the funny thing is that i have a crush on an emo kid now. O.o

    smilyface Aug 25 '10, 5:07PM
  • Your Result: your going to marry a sports freak
    YOur future husband will be a sports freak. He will hog the TV watching games, drag you to a bunch of football/basketball /baseball games, and probably wont shut up about how he played football back in the day.
    K000000000000 000l

    danburita012 May 20 '10, 1:30PM
  • i got an emo but i think this is a lil sterotypical but emos are hot

    sassy rocker May 1 '10, 12:59PM
  • It states tjat i will marry a DOCTOR, i would love for this to be true

    cheri j Dec 3 '09, 1:41AM
  • I'm gonna marry a looser. Yup. They nailed that right on. Second up is Doctor. Would have been if I didn't drop out of vet school. No furture for my kids! XD

    Melon Nov 26 '09, 12:50AM
  • I got rockstar and emo. OK then? Next time you make a quiz, dont be so stereotypical, OK, prick?

    eryka1234 Nov 12 '09, 12:53PM
  • i got a rockstar and emo

    iluvnickjonas Sep 6 '09, 11:39PM
  • sweet i got a emo

    iceprincess95 Jun 25 '09, 5:02PM
  • I got a Rockstar and an Emo. It says it's even.

    zomgrenee Dec 11 '08, 7:34PM
  • awesome I got rockstar then emo =)

    Jamie Elliott_Hall Dec 1 '08, 8:25AM
  • yay! i got emo! =)

    xxemotionsxx Nov 28 '08, 9:20PM
  • I get a doctor!
    I've always wanted to be a doctor...
    Well now I get to marry one! Yay!

    Audrey Nov 28 '08, 3:44PM
  • doctor??

    cute no hot Nov 25 '08, 11:19PM
  • sports freak.... you should have smile for what do u like in a guy.. nice quiz

    lol time Nov 24 '08, 5:05PM
  • lol :) rockstar

    starfire3 Nov 24 '08, 11:32AM
  • an emo. lol! probably.

    misskiss Nov 24 '08, 11:20AM
  • yay rockstar

    zoozoo Nov 24 '08, 5:49AM
  • I've always wanted to marry an emo *.*

    xxdarkxx Nov 24 '08, 1:50AM

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