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  • What Type Of Girl Are You?
    Your Result: Both!!! 91%

    You have both tomboy and girly girl qualities, and that is NOT a bad thing, don't worry... You are awesome and enjoy activities of all sorts! You are smart and attractive! Your a very cool person to hang out with!!!

    79% Girly Girl
    72% Tomboy!
    60% Uncertain...

    This is so accurate like it depends on the day the like today Im wearing a dress and tomorrow I might be wearing a black Hoody and black jeans and being full on Emo tomboy LOL this is so scary accurate

  • Your Result: Tomboy! 77% result

    ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!!<<<<<<<< though I'm not really a sports fan.

    It seems you enjoy activities like sports, wearing comfy clothes, and chilling. Your not girly and are calm and cool. You may have friends that are weird about you having guy friends, but you're fine with it! Be proud of being a tomboy!

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  • Your result: Tomboy

    Hunter farms