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  • your score is 84%!

    you're not and og but not a newbie you've been here since the begining of gacha life or just here since gacha life you've been here from hooked and other stuff your still trying to get to know more gachatubers

    This is half true. Ive watched all for the og Gachatubers and the old trends (The Hated Child, Human in Hybrid school, Dystany, Devils Dont Fly, etc.), but I have only been here for a year and a half.

    Great quiz, btw!

  • your score is 88%!

    you are an og you've been here since gacha studio from the hated child becomes a hybrid princess ,devils dont fly ect. from my husband is the ceo XD way to go uwu.

    Yay I got 88 I like numbers that are more that 50!#celestiarulezforeva

    • congragulations :33 i hoped you enjoyed my awful quiz XD i'll make another one soon :)