What type of gacha fan are you?

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Hello beautiful hoomans uwu today you will be taking this quiz to see what type of gacha fan you are you could be an og or a noob who knows take this quiz and find out on the next episode of dragon ball z-

ahem i made this quiz cause i just wanted to show my love for gacha i guess XD gacha is my passion i love to make gacha videos and i was hoping to see if anyone else has the same interest so here you go :3

Created by: Isabellajp20 of watch mah funny vid and subscribe plez
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  1. Have you been here since gacha studio?
  2. Do you know who the gachatuber rozyclosy,lentotally,luni,cutie pun pun :3 or pastel cookie is?
  3. Have you ever watched the hated child becomes a hybird princess/prince,the hated child,human in a hybrid school/hybrid in a human school?
  4. what are the three most popular gachatubers?
  5. can you name the gacha games in order?
  6. do you love gacha!?! :D
  7. do you use cookies in your name(please dont its so overused- XD)
  8. Do you do/watch gacha heat(please please pleaseee dont do that its disgusting and we're trying to get rid of it ono)
  9. Do you remember devils dont fly,hooked,cool kids,dynasty?
  10. have you ever made a gacha studio/gachaverse story?

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Quiz topic: What type of gacha fan am I?