What type of fornite player are you

Hello wecome i had to fill this out so here we go hi wellcome cool nice fun nice guns are not the fun gun hooot shot shoot lala lol you cool good, i had to fill this out

I had to this one out too haha. lol im going to type 150 things to get this quiz online lalalalala omg this is alot geez ha bo bam gun lalalalalala Bye!

Created by: Noah Arroyo of Its kinna fun to look at and explore
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  1. What weapon would you rather choose
  2. If your teammate was down and he was in the storm and you were 5 meters away, would you save him?
  3. Do you use aimbot? spamclicking or any other hacks?
  4. If you have no mats (Wood metal stone) Would you still be fighting for victory?
  5. How many victory royals do you have? (solo duo and squads only; no team rumble)
  6. How often do you go to playground to practice?
  7. One more, What season did you start playing?
  8. What level are you
  9. Do you spend money on Fortnite
  10. Hello

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Quiz topic: What type of fornite player am I