What Type Of Food Are You?

Lots of people wonder what type of food that THEY are. It's a big mystery in the human race. It's just like wondering if humans were created from Gorillas. It's like if I were a fried food, and you were a bag chips.

Do YOU ever wonder that? I did, until I made this wonderful quiz. In a couple of faithful minutes, you will find your answer, and Voila! You are food!

Created by: **PhantomGal**

  1. What sports do you do?
  2. How do you spend Friday nights?
  3. How many mini bags of chips do you eat a day?
  4. Are you considered more mature than most kids in your class?
  5. Do you like chips, soda, icecream, ect.?
  6. Do you like apples, vegi chips, corn, ect.?
  7. Do you like Gatorade, sunflower seeds, bananas, ect.?
  8. Do you like pizza, cake, pies, cupcakes, ect.?
  9. fklw.clrllv,.r dckdc dcklvckle ,lflf
  10. What'll you rate this quiz? (Counts on your score)

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Food am I?