What Faery Are You Most Like?

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You may think of faeries as sweet, childlike figures perched on toadstools, or lying sleeping on a bed of flowers, but they date from a darker time, when it was considered bad luck to speak the word 'faery'...

So which out of these dark and mystical creatures would you be, lurking in the valleys of myth and mystery? I have wondered this many times, and so I have created this quiz to find out. Enter stranger but take heed: for here, there be dragons!

Created by: GoblinMarket

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  1. What is your favourite of the four elements?
  2. Out of these job categories, which would you best fit into?
  3. Which of these is (or was) your favourite subject at school?
  4. What are you like in relation to other people?
  5. Which of these animals is your favourite?
  6. What of these is your favourite colour?
  7. What is your favourite gemstone?
  8. Out of all these magical treasures, which you most want to own?
  9. Where in Great Britain would you most like to live?
  10. Which of these would like to live near?

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Quiz topic: What Faery am I Most Like?