What type of flower are you

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I have just made a list of quizzes I should make and this was the first thing on my list I hope You like this quiz because it took a while to make it.

I hope you get the type of flower you want even if you don't have the same personality as the flower would be if it was a person! I hope you like this quiz! Bye!

Created by: MollytheDoll

  1. Pick a color that describes you
  2. pick an element
  3. When some group of people are in pain and you sit there and watch. You get up and decide to....
  4. You are about to battle some one who has picked on you for years. Your first move is.
  5. Pick your favorite movie line out of these
  6. What flower do you want to be
  7. Which power
  8. Do you care which one you get
  9. Please don't expect to get what you want cuz I put random things and you might be tough and get a rose or be really calm and get jony jump up
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: What type of flower am I