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  • Big Flirt, that's right :D

    LadyVintag3 May 17 '13, 1:31PM
  • Big Flirt. That is correct...;)

    LinxLady Jul 9 '10, 10:49AM
  • Your Result: Shy Flirt

    Your not the greatest flirt in town. You are very timid & tend to hold back on big outtings and meeting new ppl. You enjoy to stay to yourself. And be a loner. Though you do have some close friends. Your not that popular; but some guys/girls do like the"Shy Type".

    wow shocker

    hybrid Jun 11 '09, 12:06PM
  • umm...populerhot.IM NOT A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!i just took this quiz,sheesh!And i bet your not a big flirt:P haha,your not a big flirt haha loser!

    P.S Populer plp r losers and shopping is for dumbos.and u dont say it lik omiigosh,u say:omg!sheesh,i thout u wold be nic,but ur not!

    Marty May 27 '09, 5:22PM
  • im a normal flirt thats good cause the guys flirt with me not the other way around you have to work for this its not for free or on sale puse i already have a bf and im loving him!!!LYNETTE!!! sorry so long

    lynette May 27 '09, 12:54PM
  • Nice quiz.Try my quiz.

    Are you a couch potatoe?

    richfast May 26 '09, 9:54PM
  • every1 tells me im a flirt ntn new

    cutiepie2011 May 25 '09, 10:36PM
  • Haha. i knew i was gonna get Big Flirt. haha. that's what everyone tells me! haha

    Antonia May 17 '09, 12:14PM
  • Um... that was cool. ish.

    XD_doodler_XD May 17 '09, 1:14AM
  • omiigosh! you losers.leave me a comment already!
    lol. :]]
    totall y.
    ()S H O P P I N G ()

    populerhot May 16 '09, 11:45PM

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