what type of fighter are you

what type of fighter/martial artiest are you where are you strong where are you week how do you act tkd, karate, muay, thai, boxing, brawler, what is your fancy

do you relly on pure power like the brawler or the skill of a karate fighter do you have the wind for rounds to come or just enough to get the job done

Created by: judoj

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. my best weapon is my
  2. when a cheap shot presents its self
  3. when i spar hard contact is a
  4. my conditioning
  5. when the fight starts
  6. in my weight training I
  7. in a fight i knock my opponent out i feel
  8. a teep is a
  9. if i kick the knee directly
  10. before i fight i do what to my opponent

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Quiz topic: What type of fighter am I