Which D&D PHB Fighter archetype are you?

In Dungeons and Dragons, there are wizards, barbarians, rogues, sorcerers, rangers, etc. But among the classes most hated on is...(spotlight clicks on fighter)...the Fighter.

Please note that this quiz only includes the 3 martial archetypes from the Player’s Handbook, meaning there is no UA, XGE or SAG content. Also, please do not get angry if you do not get an archetype you want because it is not included.

Created by: BrothMaster69
  1. What is your 3x3 alignment?
  2. What is your ideal combat attribute, of the following?
  3. What do you usually do to your defeated foes?
  4. Fire Bolt: (Describe the cantrip.)
  5. Which of these are you most likely to multiclass Fighter with?
  6. What weapon do you use? (Or, which is most similar to what you mainly use?)
  7. Someone is drowning in lava, begging for you to help. You are completely capable of saving them, what do you do?
  8. Which of these foods is your favorite?
  9. Who are you most likely to make a pact with?
  10. This one is the Trolley Problem (With the bridge), but in case you haven’t heard of it: There is a trolley filled with 5 people speeding uncontrollably that will crash and kill all 5 passengers, but you stand over a bridge with one other person, and if you push them off you can stop the trolley, sacrificing the one you push to save the 5 within. Do you push them?

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Quiz topic: Which D&D PHB Fighter archetype am I?