What Kind Of Fighter Are You?

So you want to be a fighter? You think you got what it takes? Are you tough enough? Let's see what you got after this quiz well see if your a chump or a champ!

When it comes to being a successful fighter there are so many attributes and signatures that make each individual fighter effective.. Choose those which best define you.

Created by: GQ
  1. When a fight breaks out, your weapon of choice is?
  2. What's your fighters ideal build?
  3. Who's your worst enemy?
  4. What people describe your fighting style as?
  5. Where do you prefer to fight your battles?
  6. After your fight. The front page new's story say's?
  7. Your famous quote is?
  8. What's in your fighters wardrobe?
  9. What neighborhood are you from?
  10. What's your signature move?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Fighter am I?