What Type of Emo are you?

Are you an emo? If so, what kind of emo are you? What is emo? are you even emo at all? let's find out! this quiz will tell you what emo you really, truly are.

From DC to LA, emo has gone through many phases, and a lot of people simply can't agree on which ones are real emo. Of you wan't to know if you're a poser or a real sad boy, take the quiz.

Created by: Larkin

  1. Do you consider yourself emo?
  2. What genre do you prefer?
  3. What is emo to you?
  4. What was the best era of emo music and culture?
  5. How do you feel about bands like Panic! at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots?
  6. Who is Mike Kinsella?
  7. What genres is emo mainly drawn from?
  8. What are emo songs commonly about?
  9. Is My Chemical Romance Emo?
  10. What age range is Emo meant for

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Quiz topic: What Type of Emo am I?