How well do you ACTUALLY know about modern music (pop)?

Music has always been a form of entertainment. Whenever it is pop, rock or country music, it's there for our ears to listen. Without music, the atmosphere around us would feel empty.

This quiz will test you about modern music. But beware as this quiz is going to be extremely difficult. This quiz isn't your usual pop music quiz as it will actually test your knowledge beyond the mainstream singles that are being released every now and then. Good luck!

Created by: timothy4444

  1. What was the third single that was released from P!nk's album, 'The Truth About Love'?
  2. Who sang the song 'BomBom'?
  3. Who sang the song 'Shooting Star'?
  4. Which one of these artists didn't sing a song titled 'Troublemaker'?
  5. Flo Rida loves to sample songs for his singles that he releases. However, which one of these original songs has he not used as a sample in any of his songs?
  6. What was "Swedish House Mafia's" last released single called?
  7. What is the fourth track of the "Overexposed" album?
  8. What Taylor Swift song starts with the notes C, G, F and E?
  9. Which one of these artists haven't collaborated with Calvin Harris yet?
  10. How many One Direction charted during 2012?

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Quiz topic: How well do I ACTUALLY know about modern music (pop)?