what type of dragon are you???

Well this will be a good quiz so if you want to know what dragon you are, take it! I know it's a weird subject but it will be fun to take to see what your results are! Have fun taking it!

am i stopid well this will tell if your ice fire dragon yeah whatever hmm do you think its ok tell me on flipnote hatena im tuna well search for chanles tuna's fish bowl click creator thats me

Created by: tarna

  1. if your wing got hurt what do you do
  2. if got into a fight
  3. are you friendly
  4. i eat...
  5. whats your favorate color
  6. do you like chicken
  7. l:( do you hate me
  8. babys
  9. yo mamma
  10. hot or cold

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Quiz topic: What type of dragon am I???