What Type Of Dragon Are You?

Have You Ever Wondered What Type Of Dragon You Are? Or Are You Just Bored And Are Looking For Something To Do? Well If Even If You Are Not Then TRY THIS QUIZ!

I Made This Quiz Because I Love Dragons And I Wanted To Share This Quiz With The World! A Speacial Congrats To Anyone Who Gets The Galaxy Dragon (It's My Favourite)

Created by: Amber Skyler

  1. How's Your Temper Going?
  2. Pick A Trait That You Have
  3. Wheres Your Ideal Home
  4. Your Friend Is Being Bullied, What Do You Do?
  5. Pick Another Trait That You Have
  6. If You Could Choose A Power, What Would It Be?
  7. Your Friend Has Been Doing The Same Thing Every Tuesday For A Month Now. They Have Been Going To The Grocery Market And Buying One Magazine Called "Take 5". Your Friend Has Mentioned To You Before That They Hate "Take 5". What Do You Do?
  8. You Have Been Granted One Wish, What Do You Wish For?
  10. Will You Like This Quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Dragon am I?