What type of chocolate r u?

What type of chocolate are you? Are you a simple, alright tasting sort or a delicous melt in the mouth chocolate? You choose because i don't really like chocolate (joking)

Take the time to take this awesome quiz What type of chocolate are you? Do you have many different flavours just hidden inside you, or a you just the one flavour? Do you have guts (caramel)to take this quiz?

Created by: ashleigh
  1. If you saw someone being bullied, what would you do?
  2. If someone made a nasty remark to you, would you
  3. Your most used word is..
  4. Your perfect match is
  5. What sort of friends do you have
  6. Your fav hobbie is
  7. Your fave thing to eat is
  8. Your fav sport is
  9. If you were going to a party, and your mum told you to be back by 10pm, would you...
  10. You have to make up the last words to this song............... Summer has gone and passed (continue)

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