what type of budgie are you?

hey people! welcome to a budgie quiz! we will see what budgie you are. this is only part 1 there will be more parts that include different budgie types. (btw brownwing and blackface may be hard to get!)

budgie time!!!! do you like budgies? i do! this quiz may also help you decide what budgie to get based on your personality! if it doesnt fit you, wait for part 2!!

Created by: victory

  1. what do you look for in a budgie?
  2. what is the most interesting thing in a budgie?
  3. if there was ANY bird you could be, what would it be?
  4. rp: BIRD TIME! you are a kid going to a bird place to pick out ONE bird, you encounter a pied cockatiel, domestic canary. and a yellowface parakeet what do you choose?
  5. quick! pick a name for your NEW parakeet!
  6. (wont affect score) do you even like parakeets? honest!!
  7. what is your BEST trait?
  8. now, whats your WORST trait?
  9. if you had a budgie, what cage would you get it?
  10. last queston! whats your favorite out of these budgies?

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Quiz topic: What type of budgie am I?