How well do you know budgies? (Bird Quiz)

Hi this quiz is about budgie I really love them So I made quiz for them! Pass this quiz and maybe get a budgie! The budgerigar or muhabbet ku┼ču (Melopsittacus undulatus)v was first described by George Shaw in 1805, and given its current binomial name by John Gould in 1840. The genus name Melopsittacus comes from Greek and means melodious parrot bird.

Budgies are cute I know they are sooo cute who doesn't love them! I know they were originated in Australia and they are NOT dangerous They are just little floof balls

Created by: Birb

  1. Do you want a big, medium or small bird?
  2. What should the bird eat?
  3. What should be the cage size for a single budgie?(inches)
  4. How many toy should the bird have?
  5. How many colors of budgie is there?
  6. Are budgies beginner bird?
  7. Full name of budgies
  8. Who should you take advice from?
  9. Are you going to get a budgie(Does no effect on score)
  10. Do you mind cleaning?
  11. (Bonus!)In which contrary were budgies found and originated from?
  12. What is the lifespan of a budgie?
  13. How many times should you bathe the budgie?
  14. Your bird is out of the cage and your eating breakfast and your bird is trying to eat your breakfast what should you do?
  15. How many times should you take your bird out of the cage?
  16. Should your bird have a little wooden playground in the bird room? (Bird playgrounds are as big as 19 by 19 by 19 inches they are wooden frames which have platforms, swings, pearches etc.
  17. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know budgies? (Bird Quiz)