What type of bender are you?

A bender is a person that can move/produce rock,water,fire,and air,somtimes without even touching it.But,if you happen to get the result of a nothing bender,don't feel left out.

What type of bender are YOU?Water,fire,air,earth,or even nothing at all!Can you control lakes,rocks,or even the very air around you?All you have to do to find out,is this quiz!

Created by: Sandpaw
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  1. When you get mad,do you feel warm?
  2. Do you somtimes get dramatic?
  3. Are you optimistic?
  4. Do you like dirt and rocks?
  5. Are you angry a lot?
  6. Do you have healing powers?
  7. Do you like to fly in planes?
  8. Do you like to be in the dirt?
  9. Do you love to be in the water?
  10. Do you ever feel like taking over the world?
  11. Do you want world peace?
  12. Do you perfer to be on the ground,or in the air?

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Quiz topic: What type of bender am I?