What % bender are you?

Wait what is a bender anyway? Are you a bender? You will not only find out if you are a bender, but you will know that you are one by taking this quiz. You will also be compared to one of the u-17 hockey players when you take it and find your results

In addition to comparing yourself to other u-17ers, you will be able to guess who wrote this quiz. It is fairly obvious in the question, so you can earn some easy non-bender points by guessing the correct answer.

Created by: Sam

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  1. Do you use a wood stick or a two piece stick with a wood blade?
  2. Do you wrap your laces around your ankles when u tie your skates?
  3. Were you issued an itech bubble (not a fishbowl or dangler mask) at the beginning of training camp?
  4. Did you order one90â??s?
  5. Have you ever been called a bender by your piers?
  6. Did you order bauer supreme gloves?
  7. When you have a dangle, do people make fun of you?
  8. Have you shaved any part of your body with hedge clippers?
  9. Have you ever worn cardhartt brand jeans to school?
  10. Do you tape your toe on your stick
  11. Do you constantly switch between curves and tape color so that your hands "can feel quicker"

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Quiz topic: What % bender am I?