What Twilight Charecter Are You

Have you ever read the Twilight books? Have you ever wondered who you would be? This quiz will tell you who you are based on how alike each charecter you are. This fun quiz tells you which out of four charecters you would be in the books.

Are you protective like Bella? Or are you strong headed like Jacob? Are you kind and willing like Edward? Or are you selfish and full of yourself like Rosalie? This quiz will put you into perspective and tell you who you really are!

Created by: ally
  1. If you were in a life or death situation with the one you love you
  2. If the one you loved were immortal you would
  3. You perfer someone who
  4. You're preferred way to spend a weekend is
  5. If you had one superpower it would be
  6. when something really bad happens to you you
  7. Have you read the twilight series?
  8. What is your favorite thing about the twilight series?
  9. Do you like dogs?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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